What is the problem?

Immigration is driving population growth

4. Immigration is driving population growth

By the 2030s, our population is projected to hit 70 million people.

The current population density of England is 434 people per square kilometre (ONS, 2020/21).

It is 3.5 times as crowded as France (123/km2) and just under twice as crowded as Germany (238/km2).

  • England 434/km2
  • Germany 238/km2
  • France 123/km2

The current UK population is 67 million

Our population has increased by nearly 8 million in 20 years. About 85%, or 6.7 million, has been due to immigrants and the children of immigrants.

One third of all births now involve at least one foreign born parent.

In some key English cities, half of all births are now to non-UK born mothers.

56% in Cambridge, London and Leicester, 50% in Manchester and 42% in Birmingham.

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