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Net migration levels are at a record high 📈

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Over the past seven months, our campaign “Cut Immigration” has reached millions of people all over the country.

More than 83,500 people have signed the petition calling on the government to reduce net migration to less than 100,00 per year.

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Despite repeated promises to reduce immigration from successive governments, net migration is at record levels.

Mass, uncontrolled immigration is putting huge pressure on public services, housing and the environment.

It is also changing the nature of our society.

While we have won huge victories on changes to the visa system and a recognition from the government that illegal immigration is out of control and legal immigration is too high, we must continue to hold the government to account on its appalling immigration record.

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We have a remarkable record over 20 years for getting it right with our forecasts and  projections. Here’s one to end this message:


Britain’s population growth is nowadays entirely due to immigration. If net migration were to continue at around 600,000 a year—the figure we were first given as the total for 2022, which was later raised to 745,000—Britain’s population would increase by more than 15 million by 2046, equivalent to fifteen new cities the size of Birmingham.

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