What is the problem?

Immigration control has been seriously weakened

5. Post-Brexit growth in immigration

The government’s ‘points-based system’ for work permits has kept immigration high. In 2022, non-EU workers outnumbered their EU counterparts for the first time.

Brexit border betrayal

A key promise at the Brexit referendum was to take back control of our borders.

Yet border control has been seriously weakened. In 2022, 1.4 million visas were granted to foreign nationals to come and live in the UK.

At every point the British government has caved in to the business lobby. There is no longer any need for employers to first advertise new jobs in the UK. Meanwhile, the salary and qualification requirements for foreign workers have both been significantly lowered. 

As a result around seven million British jobs have been opened up to new or greater direct recruitment from around the globe. This has not been denied by the government.

All of these workers will be able to be joined immediately by their families and, after five years in the UK, to apply to remain here permanently.


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