What is the problem?

The downside of diversity

9. The downside of diversity

The 2016 Casey Review reported that some parts of the UK were struggling to cope with the consequences of mass immigration, while pointing to the growth in illiberal ideologies.

In 2016, Dame Louise Casey reported that some areas of the UK were struggling to cope with the pace and scale of change while pointing to a growth in regressive ideologies.

Such ideologies included the targeting of women and children, including female genital mutiliation, forced marriage, ‘honour’ killings and educational segregation.

In 2018, polling data from Demos found that three quarters of the British public thought immigration had worsened community relations. Similar results were found by the EU agency Eurofund.

According to Eurofound, around half of the public believes immigration has led to a high level of tension.

Controlling immigration is crucial to preserving national unity in which everybody is treated with dignity and respect and in which British culture is protected and enriched.

Immigration is simply too high for successful integration to occur

“Too many people coming too quickly into a society makes it difficult to retain a sense of cohesion and stability” — Policy Exchange, 2017.

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