What is the problem?

Our public services are under pressure

7. Public services are under strain from immigration

Mass immigration to Britain is placing intolerable pressures on public services, especially health, housing, transport and education.

Public services ARE at breaking point

Planning for the future is now largely about resourcing education for the children of immigrants. There is intense competition for primary school places with too many pupils competing for too few places.

Meanwhile, the reliance on overseas medical staff has allowed the government to get away with not training enough UK medical staff, or offering a direct route into the NHS via apprenticeship.

The UK saw the first sustained drop in the number of GPs per head of population since the 1960s.

The NHS is struggling to retain British doctors. This has been driven by a combination of low morale, lower wages, and higher workloads, problems exacerbated by mass immigration.

The NHS is more reliant on foreign medical staff than other advanced healthcare systems in Europe.

The health sector’s standard response is to call for higher and higher immigration, a demand that seems to have no end. Yet it is surely immoral to be taking medical professionals from countries where medical needs are far greater than ours.

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