What is the problem?

The sheer scale of immigration

1. The sheer scale of immigration

It’s now at a record level, with 1.4 million residence visas issued in 2022.

Immigration is at record levels

In 2022, 1.4 million visas were granted to foreign nationals to come and live in the UK, by far the highest on record.

The level of immigration needs to be reduced, and proper and effective control of the UK border must be restored.

 The key question is who and how many people are good for our economy and society.

As is befitting of an organisation that is chaired by a first-generation migrant, we at Migration Watch UK know only too well that most migrants come here for admirable reasons.

        Many make a positive contribution to our society. However, at the current pace, immigration-driven population growth is placing serious pressure on our housing, hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, roads, trains and natural resources.

Many people are also concerned about the way in which immigration is leading to rapid cultural and societal change

As the former integration czar Baroness Louise Casey has said, some areas have changed “beyond recognition” in a very short space of time.

Many also believe that uncontrolled, mass immigration is having a harmful impact on public safety and on fundamental British values such as freedom of expression and religion, as well as equality of opportunity for women and for those in the LGBTQ+ community.

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