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4. Immigration for family

Close the route for the dependants of those overseas post-graduates coming on study visas. Such dependants have full access to the job market so they are not subject to skill or salary thresholds or job offer requirements.

This route is running out of control and numbers have risen nearly 6-fold from 13,800 in 2018/19 to 81,000 in 2021/22.

The family route is the largest non-EU pathway leading to permanent residency in the UK (as confirmed by the MAC and HO migrant journey statistics).

What this means for the country is that immigration represents a considerable fiscal cost. There were 36,000 family visas in the year to June 2022 for partners and dependants (on top of the 80,000 study dependants mentioned above, as well as 100,000 work dependants).

We propose the following measures:

Raise the income requirement for spouse visas

The income threshold for spousal visas should be raised from the current £18,600 to around £30,000 per year. This is the average level of household income at which taxes exceed benefits.

Raise the English language requirement

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Take tougher action against sham marriages

Reports of sham marriage have increased ten-fold since 2006.

Close loopholes relating to polygamous, proxy and forced marriages

The burden of proof that a marriage is lawful should be on the couple, as recommended by the House of Commons’ Home Affairs Committee.

Reinstate the Primary Purpose Rule

The “Primary Purpose Rule” under which foreign nationals were required to prove that the primary purpose of a marriage was not to obtain residency, should be reinstated.

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